The SCORE project ends September 30, 2020 and is no longer actively funding research. Please visit Resources  for other groups involved in schistosomiasis research. 

How does SCORE decide which specific research questions to address?

SCORE’s focus is on the two major disease-causing schistosomes in Africa – S. mansoni and S. haematobium. The terms of the grant for SCORE precluded funding research on S. japonicum, vaccines, or drug discovery.

Soon after SCORE was funded, SCORE began a series of seven meetings to clarify the specific research questions that should be asked related to both field and laboratory research in its purview. In these meetings, we developed draft protocols, which became the basis for subsequent requests for proposals (RFPs) or requests for Letters of Interest or Intent (LOIs).

While many important and interesting research questions were raised during these meetings and other exchanges with scientists, we have had to limit our use of funds to those questions that were included in the application to the Gates Foundation.

What is process for getting approved by SCORE?

Once an RFP or LOI is developed, it is circulated to investigators considered by the Secretariat to have the capacity to carry out the project. In some cases, SCORE uses a collaborative process to shape the final study and funding. Final decisions about what to fund are made by the Secretariat, often with input from the Advisory Committee.

What additional paperwork has to happen before the project is considered to be funded?

Once SCORE has indicated it would like to fund the proposal, the next steps are:

  • A final proposal and budget are negotiated.
  • The project obtains human subjects approval and submits the required documentation to SCORE.
  • SCORE submits the award package (proposal, budget, human subject approvals) to the Human Subjects Office and Sponsored Projects Administration.
  • Once the Human Subjects Office approves the submission, they notify SCORE and Sponsored Projects Administration.
  • Sponsored Projects Administration then will prepare the sub-award agreement documentation.
  • Sponsored Projects Administration will notify the sub-awardee’s financial representative about the sub-award, send the Research Sub-award Agreement for review and signature, and request the completion of the Sub-recipient Audit Certification form.